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The Tools

Putting our services to work - Planning, implementing and measuring.

1. Where are you now?

Prepare a SWOT analysis using our Business Development process.

Financial Analysis of your financial results, to determine current constraints, and relationships to develop a model to forecast alternate strategies; determine available resources and securities.

Audit your systems to determine weaknesses in fidelity, cash management and accountability; map the critical path of processes to highlight redundancies and duplication; determine key personnel and responsibilities.

Review Workplace Health & Safety systems and policies for risk and flexibility.

Review effectiveness of structures for Tax Compliance and Tax Planning and Risk Management

Review investments and investment strategies and prepare a Financial Needs Analysis.

2. Where do you want to be?

Business advisory assistance to help establish goals.

Develop a mathematical model to assist Financial Projections and Cash flow Budgeting to determine cash requirements, growth constraints, risk levels and profit opportunities

Plan best practice Human Resource management and Workplace Health & Safety targets.

Determine acceptable levels of Risk Management.

Implement Tax Planning to control risk and minimise cost of taxation and take advantage of concessions provided under the act.

Use Succession Planning and Retirement Planning to plan for the passing or selling of the business and Investment and Superannuation requirements.

3. How are you going to get there?

Develop strategies to achieve goals utilising Financial Projections and Cash flow Budgeting to test various sales value, sales volume, gross margin and cost scenarios to determine profit, tax cash requirements and asset utilisation.

Prepare Accounting System Design to ensure a timely, effective system to measure the effectiveness of strategies and to provide early warning and time to adjust if budgeting incorrect.

Undertake Audits of systems to document your system, ensure risk reduction due to misappropriation, reduce impact of key personnel leaving, inefficient billing collection and payment systems.

Implement Business Development processes to increase customer acquisition and retention, increase transaction frequency, increase transaction value and increase business processes. Continuous Improvement

Develop Risk Management Strategies to protect the business owners wealth from accident and loss of health, workplace accidents.

Tax Compliance and Company Secretarial to manage those risk areas

4. Measure, monitor and adjust.

Prepare timely Financial Reports and Key Performance Indicators and compare to Budgets. Monitor implementation of strategies. Adjust systems, strategies and processes to correct non compliance. Ensure compliance processes are timely.

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