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Choosing an Accountant

Hiring an accountant is like hiring a new employee. When engaged in their full capacity an accountant will have substantial insight into your business, acting as a key advisor in delicate matters.

A good accountant can be your company’s financial partner for life and are worth their weight in gold, so it’s important to choose wisely when making this decision for your business.

Here are a few steps to follow, to help you make an informed choice:

Job Description: Decide what you want from your accountant

The extent to which you employ your accountant’s services is entirely up to you. We can be involved in your business as much or as little as you require, and this involvement can change over time depending on the needs of your business. Take a look at ‘Our Services’ to help determine the areas you’d like us to work on.

The Resume: Meeting some basic requirements.

The right choice must have appropriate:


  • Does the accountant have adequate qualifications to do the job?
  • Do they have a specific focus? Do their areas of service meet your requirements?


  • Do they have experience with similar clients? An ideal candidate should have experience with clients similar to you; a proven track record will demonstrate they will have an existing understanding of your business.


  • Can they provide references to show a proven ability? Consulting references can help ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of a future accountant.

The Interview: Seeing eye-to-eye

Any good working relationship requires the appropriate cultural fit. Meeting your potential accountant and discussing your needs will help determine not only if your accountant can work for you, but that you and your accountant can work together.

Make a list of some things you want to discuss during the interview (remember, time is money!) Some things worth discussing when you meet your accountant for the first time are:


  • What you want them to do for you
  • Are there any additional services they can provide for you, i.e. can they help you in ways you may not have thought of?

Salary: Does the firm fit the bill

  • Discuss fees. Ensure you are both on the same page in terms of billing structure, and costs

Keep in mind

Not all Accountants are created equal

Would you hire an unsuitable employee who wasn’t qualified, or was inexperienced, just because they demanded a lower salary? What might this cost your business in the long term?

Good accountants are worth their weight in gold

The money an accountant may save you by doing their job could pay off their fees in no time. Think of the long term gain of working with an expert.

Accountants are quiet achievers

Accountants are specialists in their field. Good accountants will build on a wide knowledge base that is an invaluable asset to your business. Their job requires a lot of work and commitment behind the scenes to deliver the job, their fees reflect this.

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